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About Us

We is a small team, putting a small step tp serve every important child & parents by providing our  ecommerce online store i.e.a platform for parents, where they can get everything for their kids to keep in very hygiene and safe environment.

At, we have been working for 2 years to shape a better world for babies and parents by making it our mission to only include the best and highest quality baby items in our range. Whether it’s a baby seat, pram or the baby toys to go with it - we only sell products which fulfil our requirements and that we can thus sell to our customers without a second thought.

What started as a dream quickly developed into a leading online shop for high quality baby items. We quickly grew out of the small family house where it all began and the number of employees we had had to be adapted to meet the increasing demands we were facing. Today, the range has 5000 selected products, which are totally handpicked keeping safety for kids. But what hasn’t changed is the goal that has pursued since it was founded: “Making a better world for children.”

An online shop for baby items is a lot of responsibility. We are not just responsible for our employees, but also for the welfare and safety of our customers, big and small. We take on this responsibility with pride and invest all of our passion and energy in this endeavor. Taking on responsibility starts for us as we select the products we offer. Before a product is added to our range, it is examined very closely. Items with contaminated material and products that show poor workmanship have no place in our range - for the sake of you and your child.

Let every child keep safe & smiling